A kid who is popular and rich and thinks they are all that. Normally have good grades, brag about everything, especially if they think its bad ass. If you're wanting to be popular then they are awesome, if you don't care than they are annoying as shit. They also participate in ALL of the school activities. And they are stuck up.
Preppy kid- My parents bought me a bunch of booze for the weekend and I got so wasted!
Normal kid- I'm drunk right now so shut up.
by the liquor. June 17, 2014
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A kid that wears clothes that are skater clothes such as volcom, element, hurley, DC shoe co., billabong, roxy, etc. They also wear preppy clothes only american eagle. The girls wear hoodys alot with tank tops under them, tee shirts, with only long tight blue jeans. Guyz wear hoodys with t-shirts under, just t-shirts, blue jeans only. The girls do not wear skirts. They are nice when people are nice to them and if your mean to them they will be mean back. They are kinda hard to get along with. The girls are tomboys. The guyz are skaters. They like the bands Hollywood Undead, Hawthorne Heights, Panic! at the disco, rap music, metal, punk, anyting popular except pop, country and all that techno shit and shit like that. Their favorite food place is mcdonalds. They have myspace. They hate rednecks and races. Some girls wear make-up and some dont, they dont over do it. They dont cut their selves. The girls wear their hair down all the time. They get highlights in their hair, no weird colors though they keep it normal colors. The girl straighten their hair. The guyz have skater hair. They hate goths. They are different from preppy kids and scene because they are both of those mixed.
Preppy-scene kids are deep.
by sierra franzel August 3, 2006
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Snapchats of spolit bratty kids rich lifestyle, that is trended on social media platforms like twitter. Often involving dissappointment through:

1. Incorrect colour of item.

2. Wrong Product (or brand/label)

3. Wrong Car Manufacturer (e.g "I wanted a Audi" meanwhile their parents bought them a lambo)

Other snapchats invlove luxuries, doing ordinary stuff with expensive objects/equipment (for e.g support a chair with an iphone), doing wealthy activities or calling average people peasants.
by Jam3s_B0nd July 16, 2014
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