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A cesspool of jocks, douchebags, alcoholics and pretentious whores generally from the Twin Cities/Twin Cities area suburbs. Anyone can generally get in, as it has one of the lowest average ACT admission scores in the country. Mankato, while having little to offer as a city, also has one of the highest STD rates in the country. Aforementioned jocks, douchebags, alcoholics and whores generally accomplish nothing in their four years except minors, DUIs, and sub-2.0 GPAs.
"Hey brah, let's spend all of our money on shitty domestic beer to get shitfaced on a Tuesday night!" - Typical MSU Mankato student

"I REALLY want to date a guy who respects me and is ambitious." - Shallow MSU Mankato whore who sleeps around with alcoholics and convicts, yet pretends to want a "genuine" guy to save face.
by Sheep Counter September 16, 2009
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