Immaculately gay.
He likes to live la vida loca
while he plays with his poker
watch him being so totally gay
with his mincing walk and his hip-sway
given the chance he'd like to be in drag
but he looks like a smartly dressed fag
so come on Ricky Martin, the boys say you're hot
shake yo booty and show 'em what you've got.....

by clairem May 12, 2007
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gayer than gay. so gay that you were worried your gayness may affect your career only to realise many years later that your career was because of your gayness.
"work has imposed new restrictions on internet access."
"what a ricky martin thing to do"
by bigalski May 20, 2010
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A Ricky Martin is a situation obvious to everyone except the person in question.
I can't believe he didn't know he was going to get fired, that's a Ricky Martin.
by goinghome04 October 21, 2010
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(Noun) The awkward silence and/or major anticlimax that follows the confession of a big secret that everybody else already knew.
"I told my boss that actually I had smoked pot in the past, but, given my love of cargo pants, it was a total Ricky Martin."

"When Marlena announced her true age to her co-workers, she was met with nearly universal Ricky Martin."
by anterelic March 31, 2010
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A homophobic slur that's used to make fun of queers and lesbos.
-Alex is a Ricky Martin

-Cristina looks like Ricky Martin
by queersOFwar March 30, 2010
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The Ricky Martin Combo is a trendy combination of drinks originating from Denmark. Combining two of Ricky Martin’s favourite drinks: Orange Wine and Sake. The combo (“RMC” for short) delivers a powerful surprise in every bartenders face when asked for the combo, also two pretty neat drinks.

Should be enjoyed in bars with friends listening to Ricky Martin.
Hey, I would like a Ricky Martin Combo please. You know, orange wine and sake, just as Ricky would have it.
by Bar Connoisseur April 30, 2022
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When 69ing it is when a girl squirts in your face as she fingers you starfish
Maid 1: What happened in here!
Maid 2: Oh justin Bieber was here last night you know how he likes those ricky martin water slides.
by Jack oneoseven June 14, 2011
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