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An oxymoron (phrase that describes something that doesn't actually exist)
When was the last time you saw ANY evidence of US intelligence - George Bush, Britney Spears, Monica Lewinsky? I rest my case.
by clairem April 15, 2007
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Sarah Jessica Parker recently won an award and she thanked everyone including family, friends and her lawyer(?) before bursting into floods of tears, boo-hoo. She has a horse face, which would be ok (on a horse), but then there is the mole, big, juicy, throbbing and sweaty, it isn't attached to her - she is attached to IT........
by clairem May 30, 2007
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Immaculately gay.
He likes to live la vida loca
while he plays with his poker
watch him being so totally gay
with his mincing walk and his hip-sway
given the chance he'd like to be in drag
but he looks like a smartly dressed fag
so come on Ricky Martin, the boys say you're hot
shake yo booty and show 'em what you've got.....

by clairem May 12, 2007
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Robbie Williams left Take That for a wedge of cash to form an initially successful solo career. Got into drugs, women, men, pies, rehab, more drugs, burgers, women, men, etc...
Even though his musical career is now on its arse he refuses to rejoin Take That, probably because he's embarrassed himself enough without them dragging him down further.
When life just gets too hard and he just can't work out what to do with all that money, he books himself into rehab where they can pander to his every whim and make everything all right again (kerching kerching).
by clairem April 28, 2007
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Breakfast cereal with some side-effects. Manufactured by Bush-Lovers United Food Federation (BLUFF) this product enables the eater to talk crap, backtrack, and look desperate at every opportunity. WARNING: eating this cereal will seriously alter the positioning of your front teeth....permanently.
Once upon a time there was a little girl called Condoleeza. Her mom got her some Condoleeza Rice Krispies and she ate 'em all up. Then she morphed into a suit-wearing, buck-toothed Bush-gimp who has now become happy to be a Presidential puppet with Dubya twitching her strings. My, betcha moms proud of you now Condo!!!!
by clairem April 2, 2007
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One-time successful recording artist with a face like a squashed crab.
Sting found fame with the Police then as a solo artist.
Totally self-absorbed, his main interests have since been tribes, singing in his bare feet (?) and tantric sex.

A word of advice Sting: if that's what tantric sex does to your face, then celibacy is WAY OVERDUE. And sort your hair out n'all, it's weird...
by clairem May 12, 2007
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Surgically altered, squeaky-voiced middle-aged tramp masquerading as a perfect mom/music mogul.
"oh, my life is soooooo bad. I'm sharon osbourne and I'm super-rich and have a gorgeous house that my dogs have shat all up and my husband can't walk/talk/see/piss straight. My daughter's in/out rehab and my son's the same and my boob job was too big 'cos I can't see my feet.....of course I'll accept the Mum of the Year award, gotta keep the bank topped up after all..."
by clairem May 4, 2007
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