Combo is short for Combination

Combination is a set or series of different actions, colors or sounds put together.
"I like the combo between the white room and that red vase."

"man did you see that combo i nailed to his face? left jab, right jab and hook!"

"that classic violin goes nice with that beatboxing, seems that combo from the past and future works nice"
by Perser December 4, 2008
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(v.) to combo is to first drink enough and then smoke enough green to have a nice soothing feeling. A perfect combo is established when one gets to a certain point without getting the dreaded spins. An experience everyone should try.
I comboed last night and woke up feeling great.
by imknownasbross May 31, 2009
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A series of sex postions given by the dude that will give a girl a mutible orgasume.
Oh yeah I gave her a Combo last night.
by sub-0 February 20, 2006
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An assortment of items in the game Fortnite containing one or more weapons and one or more consumables. Combos are only useful in Creative as they rely on said consumables being infinite. The original Combo (used by the Youtuber Ssundee) consisted of a golden pump shotgun for close range combat, a golden hand cannon for sniping unsuspecting foes and extra damage while the pump is readying its next shot, infinite shockwave grenades for incredible mobility, and infinite boogie bombs to disable opponents, making them easy prey for the pump. The combo also sometimes included spike traps and/or a variable item (such as a healing consumable).
Guy: Dude, Ssundee is using that toxic combo again.

Dude: The Shockwave/Boogie one?
Guy: Yeah LOL, his opponents have no idea what to do.
by Juni R. February 26, 2019
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The art of puting scr-, bl-, gr-, or any other two letters in front of a common word to create a rhyming sentence. Also known as the Art of Comboing. In order to combo, you must have a 110 plee or larger. If your flacid isn't hard 24/7, dont bother trying to combo.
Scralec: "Yo Scruntaaaa!"
Scrunter: "Whoa what's goin on here flagget..."
Scralec: "Scruntaaaa!"
Scrunter "Whoaaa peace out scromescrog, keep that scring hard"
Scralec: "Sorry i dont amount to your level Scruntaaaa, ill never be there."
Scrunter: "Obviously chunks, holla back!?! I rape grubs, i rape nubbs, i hate pp lickers, knick knack patty scrack give a grog a blone!"
Scralec: (is so amazed by the combo he beats the meat and skeet skeets)
by Zach Hunter February 9, 2009
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When you drop a deuce and then immediately beat your meat while looking at the deed
“Why has Ben been in the bathroom for so long? It’s been like 45 minutes
“I think he’s doing a combo
by ledroz November 12, 2019
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When partners conduct sexual acts in such that they both receive pleasure
" but im horny too! cant we just combo?"
by sean & nina January 18, 2006
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