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Generalizing all Black people as being African-American, when a black person may actually be from Jamaica for example.

Basing a generalization that someone is from Africa based on the colour of their skin.
Example 1:-

Cop: You! African-American, stop or I will shoot!

Jamaican: I'm from Jamaica mon, ya ignorant fool.

Example 2:-

Liberal: You can't call him "Black", he's an African-American!

Normal, sane, civilized, Person: How can you tell he is an American of African decent based on his skin colour without actually knowing the guy? isn't that an ignorant, sweeping generalization and basically politically correct racism?

Liberal: His skin colour is black and must therefore have ancestry from Africa! you Racist!
by TomP1980 March 07, 2008
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Slang, generally found in the NE of England meaning someone who never washes, is dirty, scruffy or "minging".
That Amy is a right black arse, proper black like. Her house is black, her kids are black, never clean them the dirty c**t and her house is lifting.
by TomP1980 December 18, 2013
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Using racist language either while driving a vehicle in reverse, whilst walking backwards or spelling racist words the wrong way round.
Judge Chris Rock: You have been found guilty of using racism whilst in reverse gear of a Pick-Up truck, this reverse racism will not and shall not be tolerated, how do you plead, cracker?
by TomP1980 March 07, 2008
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