1.) Someone who annoyed Miles Davis once
2.) A man who sadly and publicly mistook masturbating for playing a saxophone
I am going to block "Kenny G" from my phone contacts.

hey, that solo really sucked. maybe a little less "Kenny G", a little more anything else.
by avojeez0 January 18, 2017
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A fake person that James made up to make dumb jokes. People with names starting with J often use kenny g in sentences.
James: "Someone is going to give you 80 million dollars"
Levi: "Who is?"
James: "Kenny G."
by levimeows October 15, 2021
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The best argument for the legalization of postpartum abortion
Syn: see abomination, Antichrist, goatfucker, hack
Had Kenny G been around for the Inquisition, you can bet his music would have been one of the most commonly used and brutal torture implements.
by ScabNainz January 13, 2005
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1. a Grammy winning American, smooth jazz, saxophonist. Kenny G earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for playing the longest note ever recorded on a saxophone. Using circular breathing, Kenny G held an E-flat for 45 minutes and 47 seconds at J&R Music World in New York City
2. a person who kills a joint or blunt in one hit
1. That last album by kenny G really sucked ass.
2. I didn't get to hit the blunt because joe pulled a kenny g.
by mythbustah May 12, 2010
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Flavorful yet powerful mixed drink consisting of 1 part Bacardi Razz and 2 parts Mountain Dew. Named after the popular jazz artist Kenny G.
Quickest way into a girl's pants? Hit her with a Kenny G.
by makemeakennyG January 01, 2011
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As good as modern jazz gets for those who don't know anything about the genre.
"Wow. Kenny G is playing on TV. He must be good," says the viewer.
by Orian October 26, 2006
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