This word is used in the bed when he sticks in in to far
by Yes daddy word November 8, 2020
The act of being one persons anal sex slave for life.
Wow! ' i wish she was my "yes daddy".
by TheRealRapist69 January 3, 2017
A commonly used phrase among horny teenagers or maybe a step family member.
by dp_nx March 22, 2021
When a women or guy is having a lot of pleasure they would say yes daddy!
by November 6, 2020
An older male improviser. It’s a play on the improvised comedy concept of “yes, and” that provides framework for building improvised scenes with scene partners, and the term “leather daddy” that describes older/middle-aged men who dress in a lot of leather.
I’m going to form an improv troupe of 40+ year old men called the “Yes Daddy / Yes Daddies.”
by Cassiafrass April 8, 2018