The inner lining of the eye containing light-sensitive rods and cones that convert light images into electrical signals.
My retina makes me see
by icekimchi March 3, 2010
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1. Staring at someone in a manner that indicates a sexual interest.

2. Looking at someone to the point at which they are being undressed in one's mind.
"My teammates and I totally got retina raped at the truck stop last night."

"Don't look, but that creepy guy is so retina raping you."
by October 19, 2006
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A magical and revolutionary display only found on the iPhone 4. The magic stems from the fact that not only is this display high res but its "Retina" too, meaning high res, in addition to already being high res. This means that the display is double high res!

So even if it does have mediocre contrast (800:1), poor gamut, and inferior viewing angles, you know its high quality. And because your eyes can't even see the pixels you wouldn't even know how washed out it looks!
Steve: "Once you use a Retina Display you can't go back"
Steve: "Were serious thats a rule, its in the ToS"
Steve: "You'll wake up dead if you try, and all your Apps won't work"
by theSakMaster June 23, 2010
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Also known as a "BR," it is a reference to a female (or male) who is so unattractive that one needs to drink to the point that his (or her) retinas are burnt in order to hook up with said beast.
I was at a party last night when some burnt retina hit on me. After ten tequila shots, my retinas were properly burned enough to tap that giant beast.
by The Fresh Prinz July 10, 2009
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When someone points out a wrong color, your are granted the power to check their retina. By doing this, you pull out their eyes, and check their retina. If you pass, the eyes are put back in. If you fail, your eyes get mauled by a baseball bat.
John : Nice purple sweatpants.
Jack : Their blue, dumbass. RETINA CHECK
John's eye is pulled out.
John's eyes are beaten with a bat.
by mrretina February 2, 2020
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When you are blinded by the flash from a camera against your will, i.e. at a bar when someone at another table has a camera and you get blinded by it.
Oh man, I can't see anything, I just got retina raped by that bachelorette party over there!
by JammyDee May 1, 2010
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The display on 4th generation iPod touch/iPhones and iPhone 4s. It is 960x840 pixels, squished into a 3.5 inch display.
Genius bar rep: The iPhone 4 has hd retina display, it makes porn better looking, and you'll look better then others.

Me: Will it fit in a manilla envelope?

Genius bar rep: Yes.

*Crowd goes ape shit*

by bootybuttcheecks January 18, 2012
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