To break up with someone in a negative manner.
After she cheated on Mike, she got kicked to the curb.
by reallybored June 11, 2004
To send the boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband away. To break up.
Caught my man with another woman so he found himself kicked to the curb
by Rock Skipper May 19, 2006
To be fired from one's job in a demeaning manner.
I got kicked to the curb at Purdue Pharma because of OxyContin.
by Ann Hedonia August 2, 2004
Often a result of having to much space in a relationship. An action done to objects no longer of interest. To discard without concern.
"I gave him some space and before I knew it I was kicked to the curb".
by Mid-sized German girl November 28, 2004
To be dumped, or to dump, a boyfriend or girlfriend.
I kicked that silly ho to the curb once I found ut she was tossing my daddy's salad.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003