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When your get an erection,it goes limp and then comes back again.
I lost my erection when my girlfriend's parents walked in on us, but then when they started stripping too I got a res-erection.
by Rozoff & Crum September 24, 2007
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Reserection (or res-erection), when you save an erection that had softened from unpleasant thoughts by looking at or thinking about something stimulating again.
My mate: Oi, did you fuck 'er last night?
Me: Fuck yeah mate, but I had to do a bit of a reserection. 'Accidentally glanced over at 'er dresser & saw a photo of her mum in a bloody wetsuit.
My mate: How'd you save it, mate?
Me: Looking next to 'er mum & looking at 'er in the wetsuit.
My mate: Fuckin' nice save, mate.
by Killossal March 18, 2017
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