Links between a Republican and a Nazi.
The Nazi movement, made famous by Adolf Hitler in the late 1920's and 1930's, strived to create a master race that would dominate Europe. As a result of several events, World War II was fought between the Axis and the Allies.
Note: not to be confused with 'Axis of Evil'

The republican political movement in America also strives to create a 'master race' of white supremacists, and therefore draws a unique parallel with the Nazi movement in the 1930's.

Similarly, the economic policies of the two regimes are strikingly similar, with both leaders (George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler) both believing in spending money over fiscal responsibility (often to distract citizens from other events). Evidence of this can be seen in the CIA world factbook - which puts the US as the 39th most debt ridden country (in terms of GDP as a % of public debt). Although this may not sound amazing, this puts countries such as Mexico, Libya, Iran, China, Zimbabwe and Russia all with lower levels of public debt than America.
In Nazi Germany before WWII, there were also high levels of public debt, which many historians will argue was the cause for the invasion of the Low Countries after the conflict started. In America today, wars against less developed countries are also being used for financial gain, e.g.: the Iraq war.

Both believe in the right of a citizen to posess a firearm and to sacrifice certain freedoms for the benefit of the state. This overriding belief in the supremacy of one individual above another (could also be the belief in one nation over another) is called racism and can be seen openly in both republican politicians and in the former Nazi regime. A good example of this would be the lack of black or hispanic presidents in America, even though the latter comprise almost 40% of the male population.
Person A: The fiscal and social policies of George W. Bush strikingly similar to those of Adolf Hitler
Person B: No they are not, Adolf Hitler was a Nazi and the president is a republican - his policies may be identical, but they are not the same!
Person C: Oh come on, just for the sake of argument we will call him a Nazi!
Person B: No, thats not fair.
Person A: What about republicanazi?
Person C: Yeah that sounds cool
Person B: Well yes, it does accurately sum up the policies of the two regimes and draws unique parallels unknown to the common citizen
Person A: Then it is agreed, the current administration in the US is republicanazi
by Buddy Lee December 29, 2005
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This term was first credited to political humorist Ed Doran during the Nixon administration to describe the extreme right-wing of the Republican party.
"Gov.Schwarzenegger is truly a Republicanazi in moderate fascist garb.
by Ed Doran October 1, 2006
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An unnecessarily long meme-term for Republicans.
Dude, "republicanazi" is too long. Just call them neocons like everyone else. It's shorter and means the exact same thing.
by Joel Mama February 14, 2005
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What you get when you cross a Republican with a Nazi. The radical extremist nutcase tendencies of the Nazis combined with the business criminal mind raping religious extremist whacko crap of the Republicans. Good combo, Adolf!
The Republicanazi party is the bestest party ever. They is my party, and I is one of them.
by AntiGop May 2, 2005
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What you get when you elect a president from Texas...especially a war-mongering fuckwit whose daddy paid his way through Harvard in return for continuing the rape of America and its people.
The Bush's are goddamn Republicanazi, neocon, fucking jackasses who drink crude oil from a golden chalice and worship Satan!
by Mr Me October 10, 2005
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The political party George W. Bush belongs to. It is founded upon ultra-conservative ideas, which border on Nazi fascism, and passed off as beneficial to our country.
Fear is a common tactic used by Bush and his RepublicaNazi party.
by GuidoPosse69 February 21, 2005
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1. An insult used by those opposed to the United States's Republican Party suggesting a similarity between it and Adolf Hitler's National Socialist (Nazi) Party.

The word suggests that the target of the insult is representative of the supposedly fascist goals that the insulter believes the two share.

2. If the link between the parties does not apply to the target of the insult or the insulter does not understand the link implied by the origin of the term, then Republicanazi can simply be used as a generic insult for a Republican.
1. He is such a Republicanazi. He wants to <Insert various aspects of the Nazi agenda here>

2. You Republicanazi!
by A Discount Brick March 11, 2005
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