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A completely worthless gas pig piece of crap. A status symbol built for armchair soldiers and idiots who are trying to look cool.
A Hummer sucks gas, sucks crap, and sucks dirt. They suck.
by AntiGop May 13, 2005

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What you get when you cross a Republican with a Nazi. The radical extremist nutcase tendencies of the Nazis combined with the business criminal mind raping religious extremist whacko crap of the Republicans. Good combo, Adolf!
The Republicanazi party is the bestest party ever. They is my party, and I is one of them.
by AntiGop May 02, 2005

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Completely clueless airhead bimbo who is supposedly the future of the Republicanazi party.
Sarah Palin done got er did Clem, and that's why McCain lost.
by AntiGop December 10, 2008

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Shitty Un-environmental Vehicle. The reason GM is going broke. The reason Ford will also go broke if they keep trying to push these pieces of shit. MoPar won't get hurt though, because they don't push as many of these pieces of shit.
Hey Clem, I done bot me a SUV. It done gets 15 mpg with the wind pushin me downhill.
by AntiGop May 06, 2005

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1. AKA Fox News, FNC (Fascist News Channel).

2. Republican cable news channel.

3. Fair and balanced news channel, with war criminals like Oliver North, sex predators like Bill O'Reilly, and just plain ordinary liars and corporate penis lickers like Sean Hannity and Neal Cavuto.
Me and Clem done sawd a news program on Foxhole News.
by AntiGop December 19, 2005

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1. Someone who jackhammers their fanatical religious beliefs down other people's throats, and if you don't like it, move to Canada.

2. Someone who fabricates a reason to invade a country (Iraq) that never attacked the United States, and if you don't like it, move to Canada.

3. Someone who runs political campaigns full of lies and dirty tricks, and if you don't like it, move to Canada.

4. Someone who cuts taxes to make the super rich even richer while increasing spending and putting the country deep in debt, and if you don't like it, move to Canada.
I am a conservative asshole with narrow minded, bigoted, fascist beliefs, and if you don't like it, move to Canada.
by AntiGop April 19, 2005

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The first experiment in rigging electronic voting machines to see if it succeeds in stealing an election. It worked.
Cool, Election 2004 was a resounding success. Republicanazis were able to steal another election. Now on to 08.
by AntiGop April 22, 2005

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