Someone who hangs out in the same areas as you and often shows up on your LOVOO radar when you’re out.
This radar repeater is a dime piece, I should chat with her.
by mrright1 January 23, 2014
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A habit usually possessed by twitch streamers and competitive gamers where they will tend to repeat a word or short phrase with the same inflection at least two times and at most four times.
Gamer 1: "He's on ladder, he's on ladder."
Gamer 2: "I heard you the first time, you don't need to do a gamer repeat."
by Maiiy October 9, 2021
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A man who has sex with a woman a second time after finding out she has an STD.
James is a Nasty Repeater, he slept with susan again after finding out she had the "Clap".
by Dirtysanchez May 18, 2014
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Refers to da stressful/humiliating "sudsing" dat da residents of a particular area painfully go through over and over during each and every election year, whereby they hafta sufferingly listen to all of da different candidates' make yackety-yack a blue streak and spew lofty proclamations and promises, only to have most or all of said glistening concessions come crashing down and be forgotten after one of da candidates actually takes office. Or in da case of especially blatant campaign-promise-breaking and/or serious political misbehavior, dat last word could instead be "retreat", as in, running off and hiding somewhere in shame/guilt/fear, either by the elected official himself when he knows dat his citizenry is mad at him, or by da sector of citizens who had voted him in and had enthusiastically touted him during da campaign as being such a great guy who was gonna step in and save da day, only for him to just casually renege on all of dat wonderful clap-trap and "practice business as usual".
Da term "blather, wince, repeat" could also refer to da "financial shampooing" chicanery --- i.e., money-laundering of campaign contributions --- dat "comes out in da wash" during or after da election.
by QuacksO May 7, 2022
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Someone on MySpace or Facebook whose status is always about the same thing or event. They are extremely annoying and truth be told, their friends skip over their status' because its always the same crap.
Ugh...she's such a status-repeater. Her status' are always about the exact same thing. Ex: I am so lucky and I have an awesome life.
by Mr. M&M January 14, 2011
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A fuck buddy you want to break up with, but just can’t
I trying not to catch feelings, no, he’s just a step and repeat.
by Falco6 February 28, 2019
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An individual that all he or she does is sleep and eat and it cycles. Sleat is a combination of words for sleep and eat.
David is depressed and all he does is sleat repeat.
by eblink March 6, 2016
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