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You all know elf on a shelf...
But now it's KEEFE ON A LEAF!
*referring to keefe sencen from kotlc*
hey did you see the keefe on a leaf meme? It's so funny!
by GrackDaWeirdo October 28, 2021
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When you force someone to repeat the question you were just asked. Using "it slipped my mind" as an excuse.
Gina: *asks question*
Ellie: *was tuned out* could you repeat the question?
Gina: ...
Ellie: I heard you, but it slipped my mind
Gina: yeah of course!

Jane: *in corner* sus
by GrackDaWeirdo October 28, 2021
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A wild creature which lives in a cluttered space, living off Cheez-Its and fruit snacks. It makes a strange screaming noise, and its mating calls sound like keyboard slams.
Children: what is a grack, teacher?
Teacher: Don't go near it, or take its cheez-its. It bites.
*the next day*
Child: *gets bitten by a grack* ASDFGHJKL
by GrackDaWeirdo October 27, 2021
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If Korean Pop is KPop, then Chinese Rap is CRap. Crap. Change my mind.
Bro chinese rap is such crap...according to the ways of kpop at least
by GrackDaWeirdo October 28, 2021
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