A person who isn't a 'sidekicker' aka owner of a kick. They don't know how to talk to people on a txting level. While sidekickers put effort and time into our convos they will respond in such ways: 'O', 'yea' 'ha' 'lol' 'ok'. To retaliate we may such words back to get their lazy asses to say more than two damn words. How to solve prob? : Hook reggies up wit a kick.
sidekicker:Heyyyy? wassup? How are you?
sidekicker: Wat u doin?
reggie:nuthin. bored.
sidekicker: Really? I just won a million dollars, saved a cat, and got shot in the leg!
by Ma nicca December 29, 2007
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a cutie with no booty, has only loved one girl in his life. Bad father. slight chance he might be gay.
friend: Reggie lets go to the mall
Reggie: Do these pants make my butt look big?
by Kaseyyyface January 05, 2008
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Chick: Omg! Reggie look at you! Your so HOTT!!!
Reggie: Hey whats up...
Chick: Nothing want to see what panties I have on tonite?...

As Reggie thinks to himself.. "Yea, Chicks dig me"
by scuba steve4000 December 06, 2007
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Reggie- a poker player that has no idea how to fucking play, a complete moron
The man across the table at this fine poker tournament is a Reggie, I'm going to take all of his money.
by shaftorian September 18, 2014
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v. To stick your hand down someone else's pants, without consent of the person in pants, usually while in a social setting.
Most effective when used in the passive, such as:

1. Michelle was reggied again last night!
2. I really hope I don't get reggied.

But can also be used in the active form:

1. Don't you dare reggie her!
by Russellia August 19, 2008
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