n. A girl who is known for being easy; may be known for a specific thing (top, butt, cutt, handies, bossing). You would use their specialty before saying 'Reff' such as 'Suction Reff', 'Handy Reff', 'Cutt Reff', 'Booty Reff', but for bossing you just say Reff.
Marks sister is a hella boppin Reff bruh.
by Rockket January 21, 2009
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A Miami city neighbor term know as Hialeah. Meaning that peoples who were born at cuba.

Also u see them at Miami Springs too.
(For example)

All them reffs goofy as fuck talkin about they gonna jump my ass got me fuck up imma jump them reffs and bring my whole squads with me including one of my reff homeboy
by ImwoahAlexqauesada December 02, 2017
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a super sexy person who is funny, intelligent, sophisticated, cultured and charming; syn: boyfriend
I'm lucky to have such a great reff!
by alizakate March 25, 2005
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To Irish Traveller's A Reff is anyone (White Trash )low life , no moral's just living trashy . Poor can be a factor , but ther are plenty of Reff's with money .. Reality Tv not to name name's start withA K....:)
Would you please look at these Reff's . Oh my God can you believe these Reff's think this is okay.
by Train Wreck September 08, 2016
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A person who is by the book and doesnt have fun
Yoo dont invite raj that guys a straight reff
by Lilcapo August 05, 2018
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