Hispanic name, which based on common people with the last name (like me), probably means smart, sexy and powerful.
Hot girl #1: who's that hotty walking over there.
Hot girl #2: His name is Juan. I bet his last name is Morales.
Hot girl #1: Why?
Hot girl #2: Cause hes smart, sexy (very, very sexy) and powerful.
by The Sexy Mexican Guy (Morales) November 3, 2010
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Something that society nowadays knows nothing of.

being moral is not proving something to others, being moral is proving something to yourself.

Being moral is not THINKING you know what you are doing is right, its KNOWING
what you are doing is right.

Being moral doesnt mean not watching TV, nor donating to charity (Although donating to charity is really awesome, it doesnt make a person good or worse than another, it just means that they are a very generous person)

Being moral is not adopting people from third world countries, or other things mentioned by people who have no idea what morality is.
For example: The Bible is what I consider a code of morals I follow by.

Being moral can best be described as being pure hearted, having chastity, having no sexual immorality, no drunkeness, being gentlemanly or womanly, being a good person, being good to others around you, having humility, going against what you know is wrong, being courageous in the face of adversity, and being noble.

Being moral is being true to yourself.
by Not Zane July 29, 2004
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Things that most people have which stop people from doing things that either:
1) are mean or unfair to other people or
2) have been outlawed by a higher power, such as the police or God, usually for the protection of others' health or rights.

Morals do not have a physical form, although some "codes of conduct" attempt to represent them.
Guy #1: Let's go steal some wallets!
Guy #2: But that's not fair to the people who own the wallets! You have such bad morals!
by Nottel Inyu July 12, 2009
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If you ever see a Morales you're in luck! A Morales is the most hottest person you will ever meet. A Morlales will be the most funniest person you will ever meet. If you ask a Morales out than there is a 85% chance that he will say yes! Only if you are a nice person. If a Morales says yes when you ask him out than he will treat you like no man has ever done. A Morales is Litt!
Girl: I am a nice girl looking for a boyfriend but everyone keeps REJECTING ME!!!
Friend: I know how to help you to get a boyfriend!
Girl: HOW???!!!
Friend: Ask a Morales out, you're nice right?
Girl: Yes.
Friend: Than you have a 85% chance he will say yes.
Girl: Thankyou so much for helping me!
random person: 5 hours later.
Girl: Do you want to go out with me?
Morales: I would love to go out with you.
Girl: "Faints"
by Osirislover February 3, 2018
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A universal knowledge of 'right' and 'wrong'.
The conscience which informs you if an action is 'right' or 'wrong'
The quality to know, and conform, to the 'rules of right conduct'

The moral foundation of the Universe: everyone, everywhere tends to live by certain comman moral principals. Even a thief feels 'wrong done by' when someone steals from him.

Due to a lack of spiritualism in todays society, morality is all but lost.

by samuell October 3, 2006
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Cheerfulness, well-being, confidence, and the willful spirit to do something.
No research is needed to show that employee morale usually sinks lower than an ocean trench within a few months of working at any job.
by AYB October 18, 2003
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Always trying to do the right thing. Going against everyone else if everyone else is doing the wrong thing.
Telling the truth even if it is a circumstance that the person could get in trouble.
by Jessie February 2, 2004
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