The act of getting absolutely LIT by consuming copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and, to a lesser extent, other paraphernalia.
Dude, Chad #REF!’d out last night after putting back 12 tequila shots. He yelled “I’m Front Office Faded” while getting kicked out of Lavo.
by djdsol69 March 2, 2018
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exclamation of excitement, surprise or annoyance. Used in all situations deemed to be worthy.
Person 1: shit dude, i just killed my hamster

Person 2: ref

Person 3: fucking huge ref

Person 1: huge ref
by 19silverton March 31, 2020
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Short for "refugee"
Omg those refs are so friggin loud
by Kathy August 19, 2003
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An immigrant abnormaly louder and annoying than regular people.
Speaks no English, or if so very little with a heavy Spanish accent.
Mostly found in Miami, FL.
"Damn that annoying ass ref, go swim back to Cuba!"
"Wow, that ref still has the salt water on his hair"
by MisterCity April 27, 2006
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Getting two or more people to hook up without participating.
His reffing paid off when Mark and Janet got it going in the bathroom stall.
by Mark Twain the Fifth May 23, 2016
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Ref is a term in the game Team Fortress 2 for Refined Metal, the second most universal item for trading besides keys. It is made by using 3 scrap metal to make a reclaimed metal, and then 3 reclaimed metal to make 1 refined metal. Usually used in trading strange weapons and unique hats in-game.
Selling Strange Rocket Launcher for 2.33 ref.
by Genevis October 13, 2019
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a leaf that is on the right

That’s a red ref. I love refs. Refs are life
by Someone named Liam April 20, 2022
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