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when your fresh , you got drip , you look nice !
damn Joe your fit reeb asf
by coolestcat123 January 11, 2019
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Reebs is "beer" spelt backwards. When pluralizing a "backwards" spelt word you always put the "S" at the end.
Yo dude, what do you think about getting a case of reebs and watching the game tonight?
by montreal_chris December 28, 2005
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Cold refreshing beverage made of barley, malt and hops.
T: "Dude any reebs in the fridge?"

Gewad: "Ya there's only 2 left, it's all good though Boons going back to the reeb store soon"
by Rick Slender November 16, 2006
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Reeb, is like a just just off work,kinda need a beer,I'm broke beer, got an extra beer,girls hate beer, type of beer.
Larry got of work and told everyone let's go get some REEB! I'm broke though who's buyin.

Angie got pissed of at ryan, because he and eric say Reeb too much now
by sticcy grains April 21, 2010
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Beer spelled backwards and pluralized. Used for when you are trying to not let the wife or girlfriend find out you are going drinking.
What do you want to do tonight?


sounds good, reebs it is then.
by Matter February 24, 2012
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