A bungee is a small cat. It could be wild or domesticated. As long as it's cute, it's a bungee.
Look at that bungee! Look at that bunnnnngee!
by partyking September 20, 2014
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To leave a place with the intention of returning.
We're gonna bungee off this place, we'll see you in an hour.
by scantee March 30, 2005
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In context, from the "jump," from the beginning or from the "get go."
Yeah, we are going to make sure to stay on him about his grades from the bungee.
by loomz February 23, 2011
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1.A person of handicap status.
2.A goof.
3.A mockery
4.Bung - shit
You're a bungee
This party is bung
by Chris Board June 6, 2003
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The hair between your nut-sac and asshole.
She licked his bungee
by Ralph March 23, 2005
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Pajamas or comfy clothing you wear at home. Not always fashionable.
When we get home, let's see who can get into their bungees first. Bungee race!
by Nathxn January 4, 2014
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Brummy slang for a hair tie (pronounced Bun-gi)
My hair is getting in the way, lend us a bungee
by oserway May 21, 2015
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