7 definitions by hdevonxz

A trailing cop

Someone right on your back
This cops been pigtailing me all day, I can't unload the dro yet

Terry don't be such a pig tail, get off my nuts
by hdevonxz October 21, 2006
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Wow Jims being a real dick, he deserves an nice hard SKITA.
by hdevonxz October 11, 2006
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Close thread

Used in various forums to signify that this thread needs to be closed for various reasons
Thread title: Free Porn
Poster: "/thread"
by hdevonxz October 20, 2006
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A person who's an obnoxious asshole, that doesn't stop to consider other peoples points before dismissing them.

Made in homage to Bill O'Reily
Guy 1: So did your boss consider your new shift idea
Guy 2: No, he's a real O'Reily
by hdevonxz October 28, 2006
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Probably if there was ever one, an generic anime. It can be called a newb anime, beacause it was one of the first animes to be introduced to America. With that said the people new to anime thought it was cool, and didn't know that there are much better animes out there. The anime is filled with countless fillers that hinder the actual developement of anything interesting. The plot is dismal, and revolves around searching for jewel shards and figthing only one main villian, so naturally you would think fighting only one villian that the anime would be medium length, HELL NO! The anime goes on for ages getting no where! I have yet to see an episode where they actually have a good drawn out fight scene, it just sickens me that people think this is good anime. Only thing worse about this anime are the RIFs(rapid inuyasha fans) Who spout random nonsense about inuyasha being the best anime in the world, a good example of the RIFs are all the people who gave a thumbs down on good definitions of their bad anime.
Man 1: Yo, lets go party!
Man 2: No man, I'm watching inuyasha
Man 1: pft, it's probably a filler lets go!
Man 2: No, I think something is actually going to happen this time!

30 mins later
Man 1: So was it worth missing the party?
Man 2: Well kinda, they walked around in the forest for a long time and talked about how they're going to get Naraku!
Man 1: Inuyasha sucks
Man 2: No, it rules!!!
Man 1: Fucking RIF
by hdevonxz July 12, 2006
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A restaurant you order a meal at solely to get the cheddar biscuits.
-------Boondocks Reference-------
Riley: Grandad don't take that ho to Red Lobster
Riley: Wit da chedda biscuitz, no grandad!

Guy: Ummh, this biscuits are so good
Girl: I know, the orgasm they give me surpass anything you have
by hdevonxz July 20, 2006
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A variation of the term truck

In American football in which the ball carrier lowers his shoulders and levels the defender, much like a bowling ball does to the pins
Berry Sanders had some of the greatest bowl overs ever known!
by hdevonxz September 24, 2006
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