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To be sunburnt; to be exposed to so much sun that you end up looking like a lobster; to have blistering red skin;
It was so hot yesterday, I was lobstered!!
by Belinda Vere August 05, 2007
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to get beaten badly in a game or sport.Or to get pinched or hit by a lobster
1.Dude,that noob got lobstered.
2.dang i got lobstered by that lobster
by Alex Gonzalez September 04, 2005
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If an individual has started dating someone with the intent to have a relationship and has intentionally lied, mislead or misrepresented themselves and meets 3 or more of the following requirements.The offender in question is a lobster and the the unaware person has been lobstered.

1. Has no INCOME.
2. Does not have HOUSING.
3. Does not DRIVE.
4. Is not currently/graduated from COLLEGE.
5. Is in 2 or more SEXUAL relationships.
6. DRUG addict.
7. 2 or more BABY daddies/mommas.
9. Involved in ILLEGAL activities.
"I've been dating this guy I met online and he was a total LOBSTER. I found out he just got out of prison, has 4 kids, is a pill head, 2 girlfriends, no job and he's not a High School graduate. I can't believe I got LOBSTERED !."
by Anthonio Von Swagger. January 10, 2014
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