someone who is hated, and smells like shit. also known as a douch bag.
valerie: ya piece of fucking SHITTTTT!!!
alyssa: damn fucking shit bags
by valllllllll&ALYSSaaaaaaaaaaa December 7, 2010
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On account of your comment, sir, it is safe to confidently conclude that you're a genuine retarded racist POFS (piece of fucking shit) and i hope you continue to live a miserable fucking life in your tiny little bubble and remain forever irrelevant :)
by ballsackdeep July 2, 2017
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aka Alexander James is a piece of shit

AJ is the definition of a fucking joke and likes to disrespect everyone and fuck people around
Person 1: Who is AJ?

Person 2: A piece of fucking shit and is a man whore, fuck boy piece of cunting shit
Person 3: Wrong, someone who is a piece of fucking shit
by AJ slurps on PP November 15, 2019
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