A pair of very expensive shoes called, Christian Louboutin, that usually sell for $800 and up! Every shoe has a red sole on the bottom of them..
A: Did you see Angela with those red bottoms on?
B: Girl yes! That bitch is ballin'!

A: I know, she told me they were $1200! OMG
B: Those pumps are bad!
by JGOODE January 17, 2011
for when a female is flirting with a male, derived from the act of baboon mating when a female baboon's bottom reddens to attract the male
"Yo dat shoorty's bottom be mad red homie. She want this"

"Naw dawg, that biznatches rear end be rojo for me. HOOTIE HOO"
by Skank March 20, 2005
english slang referring to being horny or attracting large amounts of sexual attention from the opposite (or the same) gender. having red bottomosity. also see Cosmic Horn.
Quiet yourself so I can hold a decent conversation with this attractive person, red bottom!!!
by JazzySpazzy February 5, 2007
When the sun is setting and the sky turns red.
Look at the beautiful red bottom sky
by Some Socal boy January 23, 2018
Annoying little gimps who claim to support Liverpool football club even though they’ve never set foot in the city let alone the ground.
Spend all their time crying on Twitter.com about transfers, and the clubs current owners finances while they themselves have never contributed a penny towards the clubs finances.
In lay mans terms : a pathetic bunch of arseholes
A good example of a bottom red is corbally
by Justanotherwool July 31, 2020
A term used to either refer to a pair of high heels.. be careful because as soon as u put them on
You will develop a badass attitude and confidence like a mf
Just like when u put on apple bottom jeans... Except with red bottom heels u become a whole lot taller and closer to heaven!
Damn that girl is powerful
She used to be so shy..u think she may have on red bottoms...yeah that's why she's such a boss rn
by Thickitpoop June 29, 2021
Oh man I think I have red bottom ass”
by Ryanhart October 8, 2017