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Contraction of 'you all' in some cases 'all you'. Used to refer to 2 or more people.
by 1Head June 11, 2019
A technique used by dishonest journalists where they exaggerate, sensationalise, slant or cherry pick for the sake of making headlines or propagating a certain agenda (usually) without ever actually lying. Journalists also sometimes cut, rearrange or take out of context what has been said by a spokesperson, sometimes using questions to invoke the desired response. The BBC, NBC and CNN love fake news. It is their bread and butter.

Using this term for satirical or alternative news should be avoided as this can dilute its effectiveness in calling out real fake news. Although similar, fake news shouldn’t be confused with misinformation as that refers to the spread of unproven, unreliable or otherwise poorly researched information rather than the purpose driven distortion of facts that is fake news.
BBC fake news headline: Trump says inject Detol into your veins
Actual story: Trump suggests doctors look into the effect of sunlight and heat on viruses
by 1Head April 25, 2020
When you forget how long you've been out of school and people treat you like an adult, when you still see yourself as an 11 year old.
Hello Sir, how can I help you?
What did you just call me?

These kids treating me with some mad respect, what an age-lol.
by 1Head November 4, 2018
When you've been playing a game from dawn til dusk for the past week and have to go down to the shops for food and forget how to interact with real people.
How will you be paying for that sir?



That guy got skyrimitis or something, he thinks im an NPC
by 1Head November 4, 2018
Random videos from 5 years ago that pop up in your YouTube feed.
by 1Head June 2, 2019
When one cannot distinguish between the video-game FIFA and a real game of soccer, or vice-versa.
You alright there mate?
Yea it's nothing, just can't tell if this is FIFA or we're watching an actual match mate.
Yea mate happens to me all the time, its a Fifalusion.
by 1Head November 4, 2018
The same as Let's Go Brandon but aimed at and denouncing Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Let's Go Brandern
by 1Head November 18, 2021