Owner of the Necromancer "Neo"

He owns, nuff said.
pvp-numancr: omfg yo thatz neo da reaper
opusundies: Lol pff ill own that noob

Opusundies was slain by Neo
Neo: Left parenthesis?
by Poobuttass February 5, 2006
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RS2 pure clan which started in 2006-2007. Owner of the clan is Scaprslayer. They were one of the best f2p main clan from 2007-2010, however they ended in early 2010. His clanchat is still active and you can always have someone to talk to there.
Pixel reapers AKA PR beats Bt and xo.. once again
by Reprezented October 24, 2010
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Illogical/confusing/irrational internet message board posts that combine worldwide news with the writer's daily thoughts on life.
Have you read The Reaper Report from this morning? What is he talking about? It's like a bad car accident, it hurts to look, but you just can't turn away.
by MonkeyFather August 5, 2014
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An sans au from reapertale were sans is the god of death he kills people by touching them
He is also Geno's boyfriend

he is also a sadist
person 1: Who's your favourite sans au
person 2: Reaper Sans
by DarkFireLordz March 29, 2023
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the force that keeps the art of daring,double daring,triple daring,double dog daring and triple dog daring, in balance by punishing those who do not fufil the dare
if you triple dog dare someone to do something and they don't, they will be punished by the dare reaper
by greenxbread July 14, 2008
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