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A magik(c) user who is devoted to the study of life and death and specialises in spells and incantations to with people both alive and dead.
by Ozzy July 09, 2003
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A person who practices necromancy, often called the Dark Art or Death magic. Necromantic abilities, through rituals and spells include divination from the deceased and creating servitors that can take the form of a corpse but, do not include raising the dead.
A necromancer creates a servitor and can control it to do certain actions. The necromancer then breaks his/her concentration for even a moment and the servitor is gone.
by Dark Amaranth March 28, 2006
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An Internet forum user who enjoys reviving old, dead threads, just to be an ass. Is eventually banned from forums after causing numerous threads to be closed or deleted. Closely related to n00b and lamer.
"I wish that necromancer would stop bumping three-year-old threads with one-word posts."
by Zen Master V March 09, 2006
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A badass dude from Diablo 2 who leans back and summons shit from the dead.
The reason why necromancers are so godly in pvp is because they lean back.
by B0nermancer July 10, 2008
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One who attempts to divine knowledge (usualy of the future) via communion with the dead. Originally from the Greek manteia 'divination' and nekros 'corpse'. Often refers to any magic aspected to death in works of the fantasy genre.
Demonic conjuration and the delving into the secrets of unlife, the two sides of the skull faced coin. Necromancers, both Hood cursed and deadly.

Why demonic summoning could be considered a branch of necromancy.
The complete comtrol over another life force and the threat of destruction held over it is inherantly death aspected.
- Paraphrasings of the Malazan Book of the Fallen.
by The Crippled One April 24, 2007
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usaly a witch or warloc that is specialize's in the dead and dark magic, sometimes the living and usely there magic is only having to do with life and death
the necromancer preforums a soul spell
by compakdisk August 11, 2006
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Brian Lumley defined necromancers in his Necroscope books as people who could learn the secrets of the dead by mutilating their corpses causing their still sentient spirits excruciating agony (they can't die again...). In his books this was a skill resurrected by the soviets
'hello mister necromancer I want to know what my sister got in my Granny's will; here's her body and 500 smackeroos I'll be in the hall'

'Not a problem comrade'

Dennis Nilsen Jeffery Dahmer voodoo not taking something to the grave
by Natalie Blortman January 05, 2014
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