when some thing is so fucking amazing u use a tier list rank to express how insane it is
person 1: nah im sorry this song is so fucking s tier i have to run it back

person 2: that shit is buns turn that shit off
by Atta boy 👴🏻 January 21, 2022
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Being builder different or built better

It's just S tier, that's all it is.
by HoeRochi.BG October 22, 2020
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One who opposes the protagonist and is written beautifully
Galactus is an S Tier Antagonist
by Galactus fan 78 September 12, 2021
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Definition of a gyat (a person with big booties or tiddies, mostly referencing women) who is beyond level 100 gyat (a person who has extremely big booties or tiddies)
"Nah, Amy is the real SSS+ tier gyat bro."
by seamenmonster69 August 9, 2023
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