An edgy teen who loves death and is supposed to be dead. He doesn't know how to reload so he just drops his empty guns and pulls out a new pair from his jacket. He also ALWAYS gets POTG on OW for pressing Q. Listens to heavy metal and only wears black.
"DIE...DIE...DIE, " says reaper the edge lord of overwatch
by Phartistics January 30, 2017
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someone who brings death

a bit of advice: follow the reaper it will do well for you, death will come faster
folllow the reaper
by tyn February 05, 2004
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The act of farting and one of two or both things happen:
1. You physically damage your underwear,causing them death
2. You have a oily discharge,causing them death

Footnote: If you have a oily discharge you reserve the right to turn underwear inside out resulting in a "Reaper with a Front Flip"
"Dude I ripped one last night and fucking tore my unders'. A fuckin reaper man, a fuckin reaper. Only got 2 pairs left now."
by Funkbut March 14, 2010
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Term with Automotive origin, used in the context "to pull a reaper"
context: to pull off, or do.
1. A spin, a crash, or a near miss.
2. To fail in something badly or screw it up completely
3. To not succeed

"Damn I spun out again, I keep doing a reaper"

Is also applicable in embarassing situations, for instance, breaking wind infront of females, or "arriving" to early..
"damn, I pulled a reaper!"
by Dori Shed April 10, 2006
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