Term used to convey an emotion (particularily sincerity) and confirm a suspious behavior, act, sentence etc.
Person 1: How was cabo?
Person 2: I was in the Mexican jail.
Person 1: Really-really?


Person 1: I just bought a pound.
Person 2: Really-really!?
by MeghanClare March 30, 2007
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"i really really really really really really really like you
and i want you and u want me and i want you too"
its a song go search it in google
i really really really really really really...
by Random-girl-who-cant-think November 29, 2020
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When you are trying to describe something but can not find the right adjective.
Person #1: "Man, I am soooooo horny right now, I could fuck a cow!"
Person #2: Ew, dude that's just "really... really."
by Dmitri1988 March 29, 2008
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Originated from the movie Shrek.

It is the response to the question "really?" To confirm that what you're saying is sincere and validated by your testimony.

This response should be seen as sincere instead of sarcastically or as a lie. It's to show that you have not left out any details and the story is as exactly as you said.
1: Wait.. you really love me?
2: Really really...
by The guy who is a person August 27, 2021
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Action- 300BC Roman history - It is what the slave males would say to the governor's daughter when they wanted escape and be with her...

Verb- 1800 Sera Western USA

frontier cow hands would say this when they found the perfect woman on the prairie that had wide hips and could bare dozens of children...

USA Slang Current.... When the guys finds that woman of a lifetime, falls head over heals for her and cant say the 4 letter word because it might jinx it. This usually ends in 3 more "Really's" being added to the sentence before that perfect woman will say that 4 letter word to the said say'er of Really Really Really Like you...... and they live happy for 47 years before one gets hit by a hover truck.... (yes they have hover trucks in the future) ....
by Ammodog the Original March 09, 2014
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