a party with a lot of alcohol or going to cabo for alcohol.
person 1: "I wanna party..."
person 2: "dude let's go to CABO!!!"
by miss dread January 9, 2009
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the place where your broseph rode jet skis.
Broseph, you know i rode the jet skis in cabo.

by Raditz21 November 3, 2010
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The status of not being able to transport yourself and having to bum rides.
Cabo: Can I have a ride?

Guy who owns a car: You do realize you can't be an annoying cabo all your life, right?

Cabo:Suuure I can't. But, are you still going to give me a ride?

Guy who owns a car: What can I say, I take pity on cabos. I also might kill a few now and then.
by alfalfa140 November 23, 2011
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Man #1: "Bonquiqui didn't give me no pussy last night."
Man #2: "Dude, that sucks."
Man #1: "Yeah I wanted to CABO"
by yoyomomma August 29, 2013
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The ability to use words to elicit a response from others on social media.
Those snowflakes got Cabo'd when he posted the Trump MAGA 2020 meme.
by @shot_of_cabo November 14, 2019
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an excellent cross-platform file-sharing app that connects to the gnutella network. same mechanics as limewire, except it eats much less resources. and it uses elements from os x. pwnd.
give yourself a hand if you use cabos
by exl June 28, 2005
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A place where 14 year olds can ask for alcoholic beverages without being asked to show their ID
(Cabo San Lucas)
14 year old: Can I have one strawberry daiquiri

bartender: Coming right up.
by Dubiks February 3, 2019
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