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Something that is more real than the realist thing around. No bullshit no matter what. 100% legit no faking all real. No posing, no lying, none, no fucking bullshit no matter what.
He's realer than your fake ass. He don't give a shit what mother fuckers think, he keeps it real because he's the realist man I'll ever know. He's a real man.
by truuuman April 3, 2010
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realer means to tell the truth,ie to explain wat's it actually bout,to tell wat da shit is all bout,rather than watcha think
Now on the realer, I'm a hell of a nigga
-Youngbloodz ft Young Buck & Sean Paul in "dats me"

here it means " to tell ya da truth"
by nymphetamaniac August 1, 2006
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To be bolder than life
I don't know how but that really was realer than life
by Trojanarium October 20, 2016
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1. All the way "100" or closer to it.
2. More Dangerous or Traumatizing.
"You ain't gonn find nobody realer than me."
by Deadbud300 July 16, 2018
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Person 1: You heard that song Realer n Realer bro it lit!!

Person 2: You have no life
by popopoppopopop November 20, 2018
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Although some people keep it real, some people keep it realer. Shane is an example of keeping it really, really real. By keeping it really, really real, he does what he wants, when he wants, to whom he wants.
When the homies tried to roll hard on Shane in the HBG, he whipped out his gigantic man-cock and smacked those bitches in their silly faces ...Obviously he was keeping it realer.
by DJ Crunk Face February 8, 2005
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Someone who can really "keep it real" See: Keeping it realSome people can just keep it realer than others.
(While getting the shit beatin outa her) What Tynesia didn't know was that all of these women were in serving consecutive life sentences...Obviously they were "Keeping it Realer."
by Big PBARLOW March 16, 2004
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