Hard Body Gangster - I.e. someone who's really tough and shouldn't be messed with.
Check out that guy! He's a HBG!
by Moxville November 24, 2011
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“Hey baby girl”
Specifically a lesbian thirst trap. Often speaking to femme lesbians or queers with a thing for Daddy or masc type queer women/enby people.
Hot butch with direct gaze:
“(HBG)Hey baby girl,( I hope you’re having a good day. Just remember, I’ll be thinking about you.” *wink*

Coined by tik tok user kybrag207
by Sex witch October 3, 2022
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Hot Black Guy; can also be referred to as Hot Brown Guy
"oooo dayuum...did you see that HBG?"
by pombiscuit April 15, 2005
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We rollin in the HBG motherfucker! Pull out your dicks so these bitches can taste some!
by BigDaddyDonkadunk February 4, 2005
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Mary: Check out that HBG he's soo hot!!
Claire: Yeah but if you fuck him black girls will go extinct
by HBGLOVER August 21, 2011
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