Someone does something raw; they were being heartless, synonymous with "deep", in the English Secondary School vocabulary.
*Chav pulls down nerd's pants in front of everyone."
Bystander: Your raw, blad!
by Tigernose January 29, 2010
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coolest, most hardcore, bad ass. can take the place of "epic" or "sick"
Dude that Lindsay chick is raw!
by betterthanalistair November 10, 2010
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British slang for
Those boots are so raw. I HAVE to go get some.

I stopped eating so I can get skinny and raw,
then maybe I can do modeling.
by Nathalia November 12, 2006
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Ethiopian-American with laughable Jelly Roll hair and a braced, rotten, snaggle-toothed mouth. Left feeling indignant towards the world after his wife divorced him and took all his money. Proclaims to trust fellow Quake3World admin and e-boyfriend Dave with his family's life, although the two have never met.

Is now attempting to overcome his abhorrence towards women and life in general by posting monthly that his life is so great in hope that someone may actually believe him, and by shacking up with a flabby crack-whore who wears three inches thick of make-up to cover up her acne and take some of the attention away from her massive nose.
That ugly retard doesn't actually think he's fooling anyone does he? LOL what a raw!
by Doombrain January 17, 2007
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The "red" brand. Less dominant show to Smackdown!.
Guy 1: "I saw Smackdown last night!!"
Guy 2: "I saw Raw last Monday =("
Guy 1: "sux for u..."
by 20grand October 19, 2007
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Can be used to describe something absolutely disgusting.
Can also be said as 'Raa'
"ew mayte that's fking raw that is"
by Trixie Cheng March 04, 2007
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