Flagship program of the WWE that airs Monday nights on SpikeTV. Announced by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.
I just saw HHH assraping that gorilla Mark Henry on RAW!
by Solomon November 11, 2003
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Uncut Heroin, or Heroin in a non Scramble form. A Dark or Light Brown rock form that can be smoked, cooked or crushed.
by AnthMv March 26, 2005
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1. hardcore, wrong, disgusting, rough, gross, TMI

2. out of order, hypocritical, a comment/joke taken too far

3. done well without practise, talented

1. A: "I threw up all over her!"
B: "Eww, that's raw!"

2. A: "I can't believe you got off with her! She's so butters."
B: "That's a bit raw of you after last night... you pulled bare waste gash."

3. A: "Watch this! (shouts at passer by) Allow you!"
B: "Haha! Raw ownage!"
by kiwithie November 12, 2008
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Something or someone that is amazing or nasty. Like when someone does a super good play in a baseball game or any other situation.
by braiz02 May 25, 2018
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Raw-Ready and Willing. Made mostly known by The Great "Big Daddy Kane"
On the 3rd Verse of Big Daddy Kane's "Raw" "Chillin, Killin like a villain the meaning of RAW is Ready And Willing to do what ever is clever."
by Yourslyness November 15, 2007
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