When someone says some shit straight up with no build up or easing you into it.

They said what they had to say “raw” (like fucking without a conform)

Mostly applies to something that is gonna be harsh, annoying, or a pain in the ass.
Sister: “mom died”
You: you’re just gonna tell me that no condom?
Sister: no condom?
You: look it up on urban dictionary
by MerryJerryBerry November 15, 2020
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optimal method of performing sexual act, implies no use of protection, ideally without birth control medecine
I banged this girl 'no condom', j. no c.'d, might be time for the rusty coat-hanger
by Mexicanny August 12, 2006
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"Dad, what's a condom?"
"Honey, it's a rain jacket for your penis."
"Dad?!?! WHA T THE HELL??!!!!"
by SKKW1313 June 08, 2015
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Well, the condom broke so now I'm a father. Shit.
by BBPow August 15, 2010
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Cheapest prevention of a thousand problems in existence. For just a buck, you can avoid thousands in court costs, child support, medical bills for some nasty STDs, and you KNOW the kid isn't yours!
Condom: No glove, no love. Unless you're dumb enough to want an entirely different(and truly painful)kind of screwing.
by KrimsonSmartass September 26, 2008
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A very smart invention to decrease the population and sti's
1)no glove no love
2)don't be silly wrap you willy
3)don't be a fool wrap your tool
4)don't be a ding-dong cover you shling- shlong
5)dont be a wenis protect you penis
6)dont share your sperm over your worm
7)before you spank her cover your wanker
8)If theres gunna be affection cover your erection
9)if your gunna banger cover your wanger
10) There only a buck get one before you fuck
11) Dont be stupid wear a fuckin condom
by anon June 26, 2004
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