When someone says some shit straight up with no build up or easing you into it.

They said what they had to say “raw” (like fucking without a conform)

Mostly applies to something that is gonna be harsh, annoying, or a pain in the ass.
Sister: “mom died”
You: you’re just gonna tell me that no condom?
Sister: no condom?
You: look it up on urban dictionary
by MerryJerryBerry November 16, 2020
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optimal method of performing sexual act, implies no use of protection, ideally without birth control medecine
I banged this girl 'no condom', j. no c.'d, might be time for the rusty coat-hanger
by Mexicanny August 12, 2006
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Well, the condom broke so now I'm a father. Shit.
by BBPow August 15, 2010
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"Dad, what's a condom?"
"Honey, it's a rain jacket for your penis."
"Dad?!?! WHA T THE HELL??!!!!"
by SKKW1313 June 8, 2015
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Your mom and dad didn't use condoms at some point
by Your mom's perfume May 19, 2021
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Cheapest prevention of a thousand problems in existence. For just a buck, you can avoid thousands in court costs, child support, medical bills for some nasty STDs, and you KNOW the kid isn't yours!
Condom: No glove, no love. Unless you're dumb enough to want an entirely different(and truly painful)kind of screwing.
by KrimsonSmartass September 27, 2008
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Haven't you heard?

If you're gonna make LOVE,



So you Better WEAR a LATEX,

Cause you don't want that LATE TEXT,


Ha Ha, So wrap it up!!!

My flo so cold Chicken soup won't Help!!!
Jeremy- "I don't want to use a condom. I just don't feel anything."

Girl 1- "It's ok. I'm on the pill, baby."

Girl 2- {Two hours later} "Tough luck buddy. I got too much going on in my life to fuck it all up now."
by Q. Jakers August 12, 2009
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