4 definitions by McLovin

another name for Vancouver, BC.
all the Van natives know that it rains too damn much here.
You: Why do you refer to Vancouver as Raincouver (or Raincity)?
Us: Because it rains a lot lol
by McLovin July 25, 2014
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Rough sex with no condom. Brain-scrambling, will probably give you a limp, a little bit regrettable. Lube can be used but usually isn’t needed.
“I’m gonna go out, get absolutely rawed tonight and worry about consequences later.”
by McLovin September 16, 2018
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a person who misleads others with their outside appearance of being very stylish and elegant, but leads a secret life of being ghetto.

Man, I thought Jessica Alba was classy, but after watching a special on her on E!, I realized that she is a closet ghetto.
by McLovin June 05, 2007
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Anal. Some good, acoustic anal.
“Girl, I’m just trying to get my cheeks clapped by some bbc tonight
by McLovin September 16, 2018
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