A smart member of the rodent family, which includes squirrels. It usually is kept as a pet, but city rats can eat leftovers.
Rats in the city (city rats) can be a problem that could have been solved in a simple way, but is not solved. The problem that lets city rats thrive? Human failure and ignorance.
by Qorptocx December 23, 2018
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by kaylynx24 January 6, 2021
The ratted definition is tattletailing police viral information.
John: Police! Mary killed someone!
Police: Ok she’s going to get prosecuted.
Jake: Ew you just ratted on someone...
by Comedy Giant December 23, 2018
A girl who messes with you, creates a lot of drama, and thinks that they're the greatest thing to ever happen to the world......when they're not in any possible way.
Mike said she's a rat because she's bein an annoying bitch cuz she's jealous and is tryin to ruin the relationship he has without her.
by an experienced man May 1, 2010
A term used to describe anyone who has the following characteristics: lazy, good for nothing, cheap, always drunk, always sober, dancing with a hot chick, dancing with an ugly chick, plays video games all day, wears better clothing then you, wears worst clothing then you, obnoxious, says stupid things, does stupid things, hoards food, sleeps all day, eats all day, pisses in the sink, pees in pools (not while in them, stands on the side and pees in them), likes tequila, hates tequila, eats the last of piece of food, uses the word agwan, and of course eats cheese!
Guy 1, "Hey look at what Duncan is doing!"
Guy 2, "He is such a rat!"
Guy 3, "Wow, what a rat."
Girl 1, "Rat."
Guy 4, "You are all rats!"
by Ian Frith March 30, 2008
Ratting: killing of NPCsin MMORPGsfor loot. Rats are the common first enemy in many RPGs and have become synonymous with easy kills for in-game gold or rewards. Therefore, rats are any NPC character or enemy that is to be killed simply for loot.
Lets get the group together and go ratting.. I want to see what the guys in this zone drop as a reward.

I was ratting in a new zone and a high level player jumped me.
by Daemonwell October 3, 2006