A strange but common way of applauding something or someone
Clapping guy: "Oh I like what is happening right now let me smash my hands together to express my delight"
by Pie Stealer January 13, 2015
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(verb) repeatedly high-fiving yourself for somebody elses achievements
He's awesome! Lets start clapping
by erock80 February 28, 2012
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It's basically when you have sex with someone and while your stroking, the bodies touch and it makes a clapping sound
Jimmy: " Yo, me and my bih were clapping all night bruh"
Tim: "that's lit bro"
by AZXXVRO10 July 8, 2017
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Clapping was invented by Dr. Felix Kjellberg when he tried to awkward handshake himself.
Clapping cured my ligma.
by Brad the teetotaler August 3, 2018
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High fiving your self for someone elses success.
He was so good that i was clapping.
by Bacon Robot April 12, 2017
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