Term used to express dissapointment-retro style! Substitute for a more vulgar word in the presence of children and authority figures.
"I didn't get that new job. Rats!"
"Rats! We are out of wine".
by urban ruby October 29, 2007
The nickname of Dan Azzolini, the man who proclaimed himself King of Wayne.
Oh Rat your hat is disgusting
by LBP December 13, 2004
someone hacking into your Computer and controlling your computer, (don't download random ass links on the web)
Mikale: yo I got ratted

Morgan: oh I'm sorry how?
by PaintedUniverse June 30, 2016
1. Small rodent frequently abused by humans
"Oh look, It's a rat."
"Eu, kick it!"
by Shuriken January 26, 2003
Man tucking his dick and balls between his legs and bending over presenting the dick as the nose, balls as the beady eyes and ass cheeks as the ears.
by Drocker@23 December 24, 2019
That one dumb bitch that can't keep their big mouth shut and go snitch on someone
by O shit her come dat boi June 20, 2016