The act of chatting to women in a feeble attempt to secure some action.

Commonly used by "lads" whenever a mate talks to a member of the opposite sex, in order to ridicule the mate as a form of banter.

A lad who is notorious for his ratting antics is known as a "Serial Rat."
Adam: "Hey Fliss"
Fliss: "Hey Adam,"
by June 21, 2010
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The act of flirting with some one.

This also makes you a "rat"
"Wow, Charlotte's been ratting on him for weeks"
by Percymojo April 26, 2012
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Due to the difficulty in homeless having sexual intercourse, ratting is the process where Street Rats are captured, decapitated and then thrust upon by Male homeless people. The resulting carcass is considered as being 'Ratted'.
"Here Jethro, I just got a big brown one, you want to two's up on a ratting session?"
by meganinja May 21, 2009
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A member of The Twilight Sewerposting community
Entertainment polls make people mad because the rats descend and Twilight wins every time
by Ratubaga May 9, 2022
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by Jeramy muck suck it September 15, 2018
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A person who exposes another person's wrongdoings for reasons other than moral outrage or to seek justice. Usually for personal gain, to avoid trouble themselves, or out of jealousy.

The word is sometimes misused by highly immoral people to describe all people who provide incriminating evidence against other people, simply because they dislike the idea of being exposed, and want to associate a negative word with people who expose immorality.
Grant exposed the other members of his gang so the cops would reduce his sentence. He's a rat.
by link1834 April 11, 2012
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