The highest form of compliment as it compares you to the gorgeous amazing remy from he 2007 hit pixar movie Rattatuie.
You are a rat
Aww ty bby ❤️❤️✨🥰😍😘
by Rattatuieisgrog March 22, 2021
Small, prolific and extremely intelligent member of the rodent family. Rats make fantastic pets and are considered to be as smart as dogs. They can learn their name and various tricks if their owner takes the time to teach them. They are extremely sociable and bond closely to their human owner.
In the wild they live in family groups, much like wolves, and have a similar social structure with an alpha, beta and omega.

The pet rat is the species rattus norvegicus, the brown or norway rat, whereas the rat associated (incorrectly, it must be said) with the plague is rattus rattus, the black rat. Domestic rats do not carry any diseases transmittable to humans and even wild rats are generally cleaner than most other wild animals, as well as the notable fact that it is impossible for a rat to transmit rabies to a person.

Rats have a very undeserved reputation, but this is slowly changing as more people realise what good pets they make.
I own 5 pet rats
There is a rat in the garden
by SicPuppy August 15, 2005
it's quite basic, a rat is someone who fucking dumps you over text at night while you are sleeping, then goes to bed as if they did not just cause a shit storm.

they're a piece of fucking shit, who are the lowest form of human beings. a real disgrace to human existence.
a fucking pussy who never gets shit right, they really need to grow some braincells and a good set of balls.
i hope they die in a gutter where they came from, motherfuckers.
Girl: "omg he just dumped me over text and went to sleep!"
Girl 2: "what a fucking RAT."
by laylizzle my nizzle June 5, 2020
RAT \ Remote Access Trojan, RATs are malicious programs that run invisibly on host PCs and permit an intruder remote access and complete control designed specifically for stealth installation and operation, RATs can delete and modify files, format hard disks, upload and download files, harass users, and drop off other malware.
an unl3ashed_t3rror dropped a "RAT" proggie and wiped out the hard drives on our clients "RIGS"
by syst3ms September 11, 2009
When someone’s acting like a fucking rat.
friend: i got a B on my math test
You: you’re a rat for that
by tapthatrat December 3, 2017
Another phrase used to describe snitching on someone or telling on somebody to a person of authority. Usually used on a gang setting when someone tells on his group.
Because the man ratted on his Gang members, they had evidence to convict them of the double homicide
I can't believe you ratted me out to Zoe. That is how she know that I stole her pen.
by lurkester September 10, 2013
Tommy Briles from the South Bay of Los Angeles CA. He's a snitch. He's snitched on multiple people over the years due to his meth habit and not wanting to do time away from the pipe.
by Youruncletouchedyouwhereyoupee January 24, 2019