8 definitions by LBP

The nickname of my friend Sean Andres. A slang term for people of Irish and Filipino decent.
by LBP February 24, 2005
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Hebrew for Goddess.
The Best Actress of our generation.
A woman who can make any man turn to jelly.
An angel on earth, everything that is good and pure lies within her soul.
I love Natalie Portman
by LBP February 24, 2005
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The best college in the world; Located in Madison, New Jersey; Home of the Drew Rangers.
Drew University Kicks Ass!!!
by LBP December 15, 2004
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A blowjob given to a guy with a fire crotch (red pubes).
Damn did you hear that fat chick gave Billy a flame job.
by LBP December 12, 2004
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When a girl gives a guy head while he is taking a shit in an outhouse
Holy shit did you here Sams sister gave him a southern blumpkin!
by LBP December 11, 2004
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This stands for Jamie Lee Curtis Lover. One of the nicknames of Sean Andres.
Oh how I love them sweet ass tities!(talking about Jamie Lee Curtis)
by LBP January 08, 2005
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