Someone who tells the cops vital information that leads to an arrest of another person
that nigga cody ratted on joe we should fuck him up
by mikeykay October 30, 2006
A snitch. A person who has ""tattled" on another person
That niggas a fuckin rat.
by KiStone 1000 February 6, 2003
a a rat.
a rat is a rat.
by the rat in your garbage can. February 14, 2022
6ix9ine is this bruh
by RandomPOG September 24, 2020
A rat is an annoying friend or person you love in your life. But they love to piss you off..."so they a rat".
Shut up you fvcking rat.... I love you tho.
by kenny_west360 April 18, 2016
to snitch or tell the police or other members of authority about a crime that you have witnessed or that you saw your friend doing
man, that punk ratted me out to the cops
by wordman June 10, 2005