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A word that can mean literally anything, but is most commonly an insult used against another person. Can also be called Shafte (Shaft-EE)
Person 1: "You are such a Shaft/Shafte."
Person 2: "You take that back!"
by I breathe K-POP December 8, 2020
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If I call you a rat, take it as a compliment, because rats are wonderful and were created by God. Therefore if someone says you look like a rat, say "Thank you."
Person 1: "You look like a rat."
Me: "Thank you."
by I breathe K-POP December 8, 2020
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Said the same as "Crafty". (Craft-EE) It's another word for "gay" or somebody of the LGBTQ+ community. The word is most commonly used to low-key call someone gay/LGBTQ+. Depending on how it is perceived, it could be both an insult or a compliment.
Person 1: "I think that guy is a Crafte."
Person 2: "Yes, I think he has a bf, too."
by I breathe K-POP December 8, 2020
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A nickname used for TXT's Maknae, or youngest member, Huening Kai, AKA Hueningkai. Born on August 14, 2002, in Honolulu, Hawaii, but he is still Korean. He's about 6 feet tall and is one of the sweetest boys in the world.

I love you Hyuka!
Manager: "Just place cute and pretty things in this box."

Beomgyu: "Hueningkai???"

Manager: "Not people, just things-"

Taehyun: "Can we put Hyuka?"

Manager: "I said-"

Soobin & Yeonjun: "Hueningkai??"

Manager: "Nobody is putting Hueningkai in the box-"

Hueningkai already in the box: "???"
by I breathe K-POP October 28, 2020
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A beautiful girl, who is usually short and has red hair. She can be a big bitch, and she is a hoe, but she admits it and is proud of it. She'd rather have someone call her something to her face than find it out from a friend. She's straightforward, but really likes getting in the heads of people she hates. When she does, all of her friends pretend like they didn't head what she said when you ask. Usually friends with an Abby, and absolutely despises an Emilee. She can be a good friend sometimes, but is very bitchy when she hates someone.
Boy 1: "April is such a hoe."

Boy 2: "Yeah, but she's hot."

Boy 1: "Facts."
by I breathe K-POP May 4, 2020
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