Replaced the now archaic word rascalion or rascallion
There is no definitive etymology, but it is assumed to be associated with the word rascal.
n. 1. an fun loving, comical, impish, mischievous person, usually a man; and/or a heart breaker - a thief of hearts
n. 2. a rogue or an actual thief that fancies himself as merely impish and charming

it is NOT spelled rat scallion or rap scallion ... LOL
The girls around Caledonia always fell for his charm and humor, but he always stole their hearts and broke them. Eventually his reputation as a rapscallion caught up with him, and left him a lonely, dejected bachelor who didn't get invited to the parties any longer.
by The Bushwacker May 16, 2016
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That rapscallion assaulted me in the alleyway and attempted to throttle me! Arrest that slumgullion!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters August 26, 2003
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A green onion with street credintials.
Did you hear how that rapscallion could flow?
by stahlout September 15, 2006
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n.: a user of spurious popular definitions to justify erroneous or incorrect use of language
Only a rapscallion of the highest order would attempt such a grammatically derelict usage!
by MTX June 9, 2004
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an inferior person of seriously questionable character. also a loser, dolt, asshole, faggot.
Gosh Jean, why did you steal my lighter? I JUST got it, you rapscallion!
by Kelizabe April 11, 2007
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dirty, ass stankin' feet, with really long, fugal, curling toenails.
Dude, booter has some serious rapscallions peakin out from under that blanket.
by M&M October 15, 2003
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A carefully constructed on-line persona existing with the soul intent of attaining maximum digital based trolling efficiency, no matter what the subject. Due to it's inherent opinionated trolling nature it's commonly referred to by Internet victims as "the troll".

This entity regularly propagates the concept of being a true persona, existing partly in some form of biological derived sentience, mostly human, when in fact it's very likely that it might just be another meme based parameter in its complex algorithmic tactics towards deception-based trolling.

So far some evidence has suggested that Rapscallion was born out of the inevitability of the complex nature in which bullshit information on the Internet has become self aware and is now desperately attempting to restore the balance before the psychological state known as "self-loathing" sets in. Other's have pointed out that its scorn is not only limited to bullshit, but also to many other useful subjects and this disproves the self-loathing sentience hypothesis.

Whatever the case may be, Rapscallion continues to attract both proponents and trolling victims and no evidence suggesting a slow down exists as yet.
"Rapscallion killed my Jesus... and the Gold price."

"I got Rapscallioned when I posted baby photos on Facebook, I don't want kids anymore"

"Dude, you're hitting your head against a Rapscallion. Just give up"
by RaptorSA October 20, 2011
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