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the act of humping to the beat of a jig. specifically with down-up, down-down-up pattern
we have such hot jig humping.
by M&M January 25, 2005
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Means happy...made up by Matty and Maria..we are the "Word Team" in our spare time!
O So MuBertastic today, i got laid!
by M&M November 15, 2003
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someone who engages in the act of pocket fucking. pocket fucking occurs when two individuals forcefully insert their hands into each others front pockets.
you're such a pocket fucker!
ooh pocket fuck me.
by M&M January 25, 2005
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Stupid, uneducated fucks with no money.
Soon they start talking everyone understands why they are poor.
by M&M August 26, 2003
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to keep a brother from getting laid with your pressence
johns little brother cock blocked him by not leaving the room.
by M&M October 23, 2003
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A car that is mostly driven by females, but is occassionally driven by the males as well.

Common examples are: beetles, sunfires, neons, miatas, civics
Hey, look its a Volkswagon Beetle, now that is a chick car.
by M&M June 28, 2003
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