22 definitions by M&M

to keep a brother from getting laid with your pressence
johns little brother cock blocked him by not leaving the room.
by M&M October 23, 2003
Something you should drink instead of beer.
by M&M August 27, 2003
Really used up pussy that kinda looks like "Screams" face. comes from the english word ghost and the latin word face.
Holy Shit shes got ghost face! IM OUT!
by M&M March 31, 2005
Put your dick into mouth and hang your balls onto ears of your lover.
Grandma found her glasses and she is happy.
by M&M September 4, 2003
dirty, ass stankin' feet, with really long, fugal, curling toenails.
Dude, booter has some serious rapscallions peakin out from under that blanket.
by M&M October 15, 2003