When any number of Unitarian youth attending the summer camp Unirondack lock themselves in the only bathroom on lower camp and engage in various forms of group-conducted sexual activity.
Male 1: Hey! Lets go get Randy in the Randy!
Female 1-6: HELL YES!
Male 2-6: aww yea man! Lets get RRRANDY!
Counselors: Get the condoms! Code Randy in the Randy! Thunderbirds are go!
by ThomasCock August 29, 2010
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To gaze upon a close friend with eyes of concern and disapproval with slight head tilt to either side. This is often done when the receiver is talking about an act that is frowned upon. The Randi is given every day by Randi. The look also contains a slight smirk and nostril flare. This is act is useful in scolding a friend.
Nathan: "Yo! I just hooked up with this girl on my floor at college."

Randi: (Doing the Randi): "Nathan...."
by Petey Griffin March 9, 2012
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Overly excited in a sexual manner. See also horny.
Do I make you randy, baby? Do I?
by Matthew Darke February 19, 2003
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Randy is a very sweet guy who stays true and faithful in a relationship. You're lucky if you ever meet a Randy because they are the best kinds of guys out there. They're the type of boyfriends who piss you off but then won't leave you alone until they make you smile. He has a true heart and is always there for you. All of the girls that know him, like him but he only has one girl in mind. He is very cute and always has a special smell to him. If you ever meet a Randy, you will never forget him.
Girl: Dang that boy Randy is cute
Boy: Yeah but he has a girlfriend and he stays faithful
Girl: Dang, I wish I was dating him he's so kind and sweet
Boy: Yeah he's a real keeper
by AliQ January 6, 2013
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A beautiful, intelligent girl with an open heart and mind. Randie's are usually sarcastic, as we've had to deal with people comparing our names to the guys version, 'Randy', our whole lives. It gave us the quality of a quick comeback, something we're proud of. Randie's are unique, rare, and extremely lovable. Someone to be cherished.
Oooh, that Randie, she is so gorgeous!
by MissRandie December 9, 2009
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A person, more often a male that is always tries his best to be there for you. He has a good soul, can be very sarcastic, almost bully like characteristics, but funny nonetheless. He has cute eyes and long lashes for a male. He gives the best hugs, almost healing. A rare breed, some may say. A charming being, almost hypnotizing, probably so hypnotizing, you don't want to feel too attached. A person that you will always be happy to see even if its a glimpse. A breath of fresh air. So calm , so lovable in every meaning of the word.
Hey you!....You Randy you :)
by RashLove14 July 4, 2018
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Randy is a feeling of arousal. To be "horny."
by Rlvers December 17, 2011
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