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A Unitarian Universalist camp and conference center located in the western foothills of the Adirondack Mountains near Lowville, New York. It's best place in the entire world.

Unirondack provides a different experience than most traditional camps.
Unirondack’s mission is to provide an environment that inspires people to explore responsible roles in the web of life through physical, mental, and spiritual challenges

Although Unirondack today hosts spring and fall sessions as well as work weekends throughout the year, the focus of the camp is the summer sessions. The summer sessions are named after famous Unitarians or Universalists. Each is a week long and is for a specific age range of campers:

Barton, for grades 4-9

Channing I & II, for grades 7-9

Parker I & II, for grades 7-12

Ballou I & II, for grades 10-12

Family Camp for all ages
Girl: I'm going to unirondack this summer!

Boy: Ugh! i'm so jealous!
by unitarianchick626 January 25, 2012
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